“The Music Room is a place where you can settle right in and find expression for your creative ideas. Helping make that happen is David Furlong, a musician and producer with great talent and range, and a passion for music that is unmistakable.”

     — Andrew Webb

I am very pleased with the results of my recent visit to the Music Room. Dave really built a great space. The room is very comfortable and Dave’s welcoming personality made me feel at home immediately. Dave’s production style is very accommodating and provides a real partnership with the artist.

The partnership doesn’t end with the recording process. David helps the artist get their music “out there”. The concept of the Music Room is to share industry contacts with the artists who’ve recorded here. Dave locates the people who use music for soundtracks, TV shows, cable networks and other media and assists with connecting them with the Music Room artists. Dave has a lot of experience with this process.

The place is easy on the eyes too. The Music Room is located on 17 private acres of woodlands centered by a horse barn and pastures. I found it to be quite inspiring.

So for area musicians singers songwriters and especially for me the Music
room is the ideal “GO-TO” space.

     — Ernie Lisi, Songwriter, Musici